Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters was founded in September 1999 by Minnesota native, Jody Smith. Her goal was to provide premium pet care services for the Lake Minnetonka area. With over a decade of service our experienced and dedicated team members have worked together to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

  • Jody

    Jody has always loved the company of pets. While growing up in Minnetonka, her family had a variety of pets – dogs, cats, fish, turtles a horse and even a pet duck. Jody received her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Cloud University in 1984. She spent 15 years gaining business experience in corporate America before launching her own enterprise in the field of pet care. Jody is a photography enthusiast who enjoys photographing her clients.

  • Mary

    Mary has been pet sitting for friends and family for over 10 years and has a genuine love for animals. Mary has been with Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters since February of 2001. Mary enjoys her mid-day walks with the energetic dogs and her playtime with the precious cats that she cares for.

  • Barb

    Barb has been with Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters since May of 2001. Barb is a retired school teacher with a variety of pet related experience, including breeding, training and handling of show dogs. With her abundant knowledge of the pets and her insight on their behavior she brings out the best in each animal she cares for. She currently does mid-day walks and specializes in the walking of puppies.

  • Randi

    Randi has been dog walking and cat sitting for LMPS since fall of 2003. Randi has a great calmness that she can easily be relayed to her client’s pets and let feel very comfortable in her presence. She is one on our premier feline care givers, but enjoys her time with all of our clients. She truly enjoys the energy, joy and spontaneous nature of her animal friends. She cares for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, birds, fish and horses.

  • Judy2


    Judy started out working for LMPS with her daughter house sitting in 2003, but soon became a full time staff member on her own doing mid-day walks, pet sitting and overnight care. Judy having raised 2 human kids of her own has had many types of family pets throughout the years and has experience with a variety of pets. Judy loves the opportunity to get out and exercise with the dogs in all types of weather, and also enjoys her cuddle time with the cats.

  • free_259944


    Karen has been a dog walker and a cat care specialist for the LMPS team since May of 2014. Karen is a trained Veterinary Technician and with her experience she brings some great insight to help with all the pets in our care.  Her compassion and enthusiasm for the pets under her care, makes her a perfect part of the team.

  • jenni2


    Jenni started working for LMPS in the winter of 2010. Jenni has a degree as a dietician and has a real passion for pet care including their exercise, feeding and overall care. Jenni loves to care for all types of pets and does dog walking and cat sitting for LMPS. Jenni shares her home with Kenny and Hunter her two cats.

  • Lis

    Lis has been a dog walker and a cat care specialist for the LMPS team since the fall of 2015. Lis is an artist and pet lover. She shares her life with her dog King and her cat.